Our Patented Solution

WordCrypt’s free plugin adds an icon inside your registration and login password fields:

Selecting this icon opens a secure, SSL popup encryptor visible only to your users.

WordCrypt Popup

Your domain, users’ secret phrase and PIN number values are converted into complex, encrypted passwords just for your site.

Exclusive Benefits

Users are anonymous

Users never log in to WordCrypt and we never see their identities

No passwords saved

Unlike other password managers, user passwords are never stored

No user installs

WordCrypt is installed on web servers, not user devices

pri·va·cy n.

Even under subpoena, users and passwords couldn’t be revealed

Website Plugins

Integrate WordCrypt with our free Javascript or WordPress plugin and help protect your users passwords and identities. Click our icon in the password field and see for yourself.


Note: Webmaster functions are intended and designed for desktop systems only. Visit wordcrypt.com from a desktop computer for plugin download options.

Safeguard your members
and their passwords

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