World’s First Non-Stored
Password Management System

Our web server plugin embeds a clickable icon inside website password fields with nothing for users to install on any device.

This icon opens an SSL popup password encryptor only visible to the user.

Try a demo login on !

A popup Password Encryptor
visible only to the User

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WordCrypt converts domain names, secret phrases and PIN numbers into unique, complex passwords that are never revealed to the user and never saved anywhere except that one site being logged into. Simple and secure.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Users are anonymous
    Users never log in to WordCrypt so we never see their identities.
  • Passwords never stored
    Unlike password managers, we don't store passwords anywhere.
  • Nothing for users to install
    WordCrypt works on every device right off the shelf.
  • Free for websites & users
    WordCrypt is funded by passive, non-targeted CPM advertising.
  • No skeleton key passwords
    WordCrypt does not require an unsecured password to launch.
  • Nothing to hack or steal
    Even under subpoena we could not disclose users or their passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is WordCrypt EASIER to use than password managers?

WordCrypt is installed on websites, not users' devices. There is nothing for users to install on any device and no passwords to remember, just their own secret phrase and PIN.

How is WordCrypt SAFER to use than password managers?

Does WordCrypt create a new password every time I use it?

How does WordCrypt protect users from identity theft?

Does WordCrypt employ 'military grade encryption'?

So is WordCrypt “unhackable”?

Why should I trust WordCrypt to encrypt my passwords?

If it’s free, how does WordCrypt make money?

Want to dominate the password manager market?

I am seeking a partner or buyer interested in launching my patented concept as a new global standard. Watch the video below to see how WordCrypt eliminates 80% of data breaches, ransomware attacks and identity theft - and renders existing password managers obsolete!

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