Meet the International team behind CryptApps

Florida, USA

Jim Lucas : Founder - Graphic Designer

Jim Lucas

Founder - Graphic Designer

Jim was born abroad and raised in Austria, India, Venezuela, Argentina, Denmark, Washington DC, Turkey, China, Canada and the Philippines as the son of an American diplomat and cryptographer. A former computer support specialist and network engineer (CNE, MCSE), Jim conceived and patented his idea of a free and anonymous password generator after recognizing the universal need for a truly secure, yet simple to use, password management system.

Mérida, Venezuela

Dan Reed : Lead Software Engineer

Richarson Castro

Lead Software Engineer

Richarson began coding at the age of 14 as an avid computer gamer who decided to make a career of his passion. Growing up in the Andes mountains region of Northwest Venezuela provided him with a safe and inspiring environment to develop his personal creativity and potential. Richarson aspires to visit the United States and travel the world as a freelance developer and eventually return to help rebuild a free and liberated homeland.

Zagreb, Croatia

Damir Fatušić : Programmer · 2D/3D Artist · SMM

Damir Fatušić

Co-Founder - 2D/3D Artist - SMM

Our resident jack-of-all-trades, Damir has been with Jim and CryptApps from the very beginning helping with everything from graphic design, programming, 3D video production and social media marketing. Born and raised in Croatia, Damir describes himself as a geek who likes to learn new things and face new challenges. Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy in his early childhood, he's also a very active disability rights advocate in Croatia.

Tacloban, Philippines

Ivan Clint A. Pabelona

John Roca

Web Developer - Support Specialist

John is our Laravel Framework, PHP and CSS specialist responsible for WordCrypt’s cross-browser and mobile platform compatibility. Born in Manila and raised in Leyte, he is a survivor of Super Typhoon Haiyan that devastated Tacloban in 2013. John holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology and is a part-time instructor and speaker. Working from the Philippines provides CryptApps with round-the-clock development and technical support.