Is WordCrypt 100% free? Are there any premium fees?

WordCrypt is completely free to install and use and there are no premium or upgrade fees. Each SSL popup window features a sponsor’s advertisement.

How does WordCrypt compare to other password managers?

WordCrypt is the only password manager that does not store any user or password data and, therefore, has nothing to steal or hack. Our patented product is more of an on-call, unhackable password encryptor rather than a skeleton-key protected password repository.

Does WordCrypt use “Military-Grade Encryption”?

Although the term is often used in sales and marketing, there really is no such standard as “military-grade” encryption. We do, however, utilize an irreversible encryption hash function developed by the NSA that cannot be reverse-engineered or decrypted to reveal the users’ secret phrases or pin numbers.

How does WordCrypt protect members from identity theft?

Most users share the same passwords across domains or store them on web-based password managers or in browsers, all of which are potentially hackable. WordCrypt generates unique, encrypted passwords for each domain with no record of users or passwords so online identities and their associated passwords are never compromised.

How reliable is WordCrypt in terms of uptime and technical support?, the source of the SSL pop-up windows, runs on Dreamhost Virtual Private Servers boasting a 100% uptime guarantee. However, CryptApps has a team of dedicated developers around the world ready to provide support when necessary.

Where can I learn more about WordCrypt and CryptApps?

Feel free to download and share our latest press release or contact us directly at the email addresses or phone numbers below.


Researchers at UC Berkeley tested the five leading password managers

Their conclusion: “We found critical vulnerabilities in all the password managers and in four password managers, an attacker could steal arbitrary credentials from a user’s account.”

Our conclusion? When password data is stored anywhere, it’s vulnerable!


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